ALP Advantages

FlexCore Technology Advantage:

  • Adds strength and puncture resistance to Pads.
  • Lightest weight reinforcing structure available.
  • Pads remain flexible and easy to roll up (perhaps the biggest feature of the ALP’s).
  • Structure has no roll-memory – Pads lay flatter quicker when unrolled.
  • Provides pads with “rip stop” feature (liken to rip stop nylon fabrics in tents).


UV Stabilization & Graphics Advantage:

  • We will NEVER sell a Pad without our Aqua Lily Pad graphics on the pads.
  • “Aqua Lily Pad” and our Yellow / Green colored Pads are Registered Trade Marks (Reg. No. 4,476,351) from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
  • Our Graphic’s film is the first line of defense against the degradation effects of the sun.
  • Proprietary Stabilization Package is proven 3 years in CA (pursuant to care and use instructions as outlined in Owner’s Manual).

Tether System Advantage:

  • Proprietary Tether Snap (grommet) System (fully installed with purchase).
  • One Time Snap feature – easily installed when additional tethers are purchased as an accessory.
  • Made with Plastic engineered material with no sharp edges to catch feet or toes and will not heat up in sun that can cause burns like metal “D” rings.
  • Heavy Duty Nylon Spring Clip for tethering will never corrode.